Do I Really Need Antivirus Software

Are you wondering if you need antivirus software on your laptop or computer? Do you really need an antivirus software and how does the antivirus work actually? These are good questions to ask so let’s go through them.

What Is An Antivirus?

Antivirus works as a shield for your computer. It is like a castle with a fortress wall around the castle. The wall prevents attackers, wild animals or unwanted people to enter the city. Likewise the antivirus works the same way, it  prevents virus from attacking your computer, accessing sensitive documents and files on your computer and more.

Without an antivirus, you basically allow anything to intrude into your laptop or computer.

What are the types of threats are out there that will kill my computer?

We know that there are threats out there that are just waiting to harm our precious computer. But, what are they and what do they do? Let’s go through some of them


A virus is the most common intruder which can easily infiltrate your computer which just a click of a button. This happens when you have clicked on a suspicious file and your computer downloads it.

If you have noticed, you might have received lots of emails from unknown senders or spams requesting you to click on the attachment in the email. If you unknowingly clicked and download the file, the virus will be planted in your computer.


This is worrying as it affects your money and credit card. A spyware is designed to get personal information from your computer like passwords, credit card information and etc. As you key in your personal information, the spyware detects it and sends the information to the hacker.

Once the hacker has your information, he can easily access your account and credit card and make purchases without you knowing.

Macro Virus

This virus affects your word processing document. It infects your word files each time you opens it. It compromises the security and privacy of your documents. This virus can spread if the infected file is opened on another computer.

Oh No! Is My Computer Affected?

Now that we have gone through some of the very dangerous virus around, how would you know if your computer is affected? Below you will see the common symptoms of an infected computer


A virus will affect the performance of your computer or laptop. It runs slower and you will notice the difference. Programs takes longer to load, windows start up takes forever, and practically loading anything on your computer is a dread.

Money Gets Stolen

You credit card seems to have unfamiliar purchases that you have never made. Your laptop might have been infected by a spyware. Call up your credit card company immediately and quickly install an antivirus to clean your laptop.

Pop Ups

These are those annoying pop up that keeps coming up each time you go online.

Applications starts by itself

An infected computer might have applications suddenly launching by itself.

Benefits Of Antivirus

Wow, virus are scary! So, if I install an antivirus, what does it do actually?

An antivirus is a software that you install on your computer. Here are the things that the antivirus will do.

Real Time Scans

An antivirus will have real time scans and immediately detects if a suspicious file is detected either from your downloads, installed files and etc.

Scheduled Scans

The antivirus will performed scheduled scans which will go through individual files in the computer to detect viruses. With this periodic scans, virus which might have escaped the real time scans will be caught here.

External drive Scans

One of the common ways virus infects a computer is from external hard drives and thumb drives. Virus are easily transferred when the external drives are plugged in and accessed. The antivirus will scan through the external drives first before you access it.

Common Issues With Antivirus

Having an antivirus software on your computer may cause you some inconveniences. Although they are not serious but it may be quite troublesome

Slows Down Your Computer

Since the antivirus software is running in the background, it will slow down the performance of your computer.

Need Internet 

To have the latest version of the antivirus software, it needs to be constantly updated. Normally the antivirus will update itself online. Without an internet access, you will not have the most updated antivirus version and you may not be protected against the newer viruses.

Frequent updates

Antivirus vendors are constantly updating their antivirus regularly to protect users from new viruses. With such constant and fast updates, you might have to update your antivirus very frequently.

Wastes Time

Sometimes when you are in a rush and need the files from your external hard drive urgently, having the antivirus to scan through the external drive takes time which you do not have .


The question is, do I really need antivirus software?

Yes you do. Without an antivirus software, your computer and your personal information are sitting ducks waiting to be hacked. Even though you may not have sensitive information on your computer, hackers can still access sensitive information like email passwords, banking passwords and etc.

It is advisable to spend that little money to get an antivirus immediately for your computer if you do not have one now. Don’t procrastinate and wait until something bad happens before you take action to stop those viruses.

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